Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cover Reveal

Hola amigos!

I've been waiting to write this post for a very long time. If you couldn't tell from all my social media buzz, I've been googling over my cover the past little while, and today you get to see it here first!

But hold on, there are matters to discuss before I can show you. I know, buzz kill. But not really because it's about the release date. Eek! On my social media profiles they say that the release date of my book is February 2015. Well I'm here to tell you that it has changed. As in, moved on up to the big '14 year! The new date is perfect because it relates so well to the particular month it will be released. Because, duh, there's some spooky content in my book. So, with that said, the new release date for THE 52ND is October 27, 2014.

October 27th

October 27th

October 27th


Did I say it enough?! I am so excited. No, scratch that. I'm so ecstatic that I'm sick. The nerves and anxiousness is killing me. So go and tell all your friends what I just said because you heard me right. THE 52ND will be released THIS YEAR on October 27, 2014. And of course it will be available in paper and ebook.

Now, the fun part. Want to see the cover?!! I've been dying to show you (pun intended). It's beautiful and dark and eerie. It's so perfect I want to sleep with this creepy face every night! Ew! Okay, you ready?? Drumroll please...

When I sat down and had a phone conference with my crew, I explained to my graphic artist what the book was about, and then of course all the visuals I imagined to go along with it. Initially we planned to do an abstract cover. We had picked out the perfect object to display and were all set. But after the phone call, I sent over my guy a bunch of other pictures as well. Ones that I've hand picked and had been sitting on since the early stages of the book. There were backgrounds, prints, vectors, fonts, and colors; each depicting a reason why I loved them--and why they went well with THE 52ND. Time went on and I waited and waited while guy was hard at work on the cover. It was daunting. I'm a passive person, but come on, not that passive. I wanted to see it like 3 years ago!

Anyways, when guy emailed me the first draft, my jaw dropped and my heart skipped. It was magic from the fist time I saw it. And you don't mess with magic. It had to be left just how it was. The only thing we worked with was my pen name since we didn't know what to put exactly. My nickname has been Dela for a long, long time. It was a derivative from my maiden name De La Paz. So naturally, as an author, I wanted to use Dela because it's been a part of me for many years.

Genuinely, as a person who reads books, there is no other cover (that I've seen) out there that looks like mine. It's crazy how well it was nailed down, and how appealing it looks next to other covers.


So I want to do a giveaway. One, because I love you guys--my beloved fans. And two, who doesn't like to get free stuff?

All you have to do is... (yup, you guessed it)... SHARE. As a new, breakthrough author I need your help in reaching friends and family beyond my reach. This story is too cool to keep to ourselves. I am offering two raffles. So, TWO PRIZES. Yay!

PRIZE ONE: Signed copy of THE 52ND (and shipped in October when it is released)

PRIZE TWO: Signed copy of THE 52ND and 30 minute Skype session for you and your friends, or your blog, or whatever you fancy.

To be entered to win prize ONE, share this post once on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or even make a Vine. Next, @mention me so that I can see it! Then, leave a comment on this post and tell me you did.

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Deadline: June 1st

Winners will be generated through Random Number Generator online and notified on June 1st, and unfortunately will have to wait for the book until October. BUT...

... if you don't win, don't fret. I have a crowdfunding campaign starting June 1st on Pubslush. You can go here to get rewards, watch my incredible BOOK TRAILER, see who I am, be a part of THE 52ND, and just fall in love with Lucas and Zara before THE 52ND even comes out!

As always, I'd love to hear from you. Besos (kisses),

~ Dela