Sunday, February 16, 2014

We are Kings and Queens of the Eternities

Oxygen has stopped. Last breaths are inhaled. Prayers are like incense, layering the air with a merciful scent of love and peace. Today I am writing about my grandpa as he leaves us on this earth.

Can you see where I get my dimple from?
I walked away from grandpa last night knowing it would be the last time I would see him in this mortal life. He's in a fragile state, and I can see the veil that once clouded his eyes is now beginning to lift. He sleeps and doesn't eat, and when he opens his glazed eyes he's says "I'm talking to the spirit". Mortal death scares me more than it should because I have a firm conviction of what happens to our bodies and spirits after we die. But it doesn't mean that I'm not scared. Or that it stinks. I HATE it.

Yet here I am, author of a book that is inevitably centered on death's inescapable darkness. Not a day goes by that I don't think it's strange I wrote about death. I'll say it right now. IT'S STRANGE. But according to 'the plan of salvation' it must happen for purposes of our exaltation, and THAT makes me happy.

It can be a beautiful thing; joyous even. My grandpa's spirit will go to the spirit world where it will wait to be reunited with his body, and then will return to live with our Heavenly Father and other loved ones who previously passed. I believe they are here now, waiting for him to pass through the veil with open arms and very wide smiles.

With his mom and dad in Canada
For THE 52ND, I think I was pulled to the idea of 'life' after death and its reciprocality that plays with love and death. When I think of my main character, Lucas, I think of one phrase, You fear what you love, you love what you fear. And he says in the very first line "Fear gets you killed." Though we don't have to be quick minded and ready for out-of-control scenarios if we fall in love like Lucas does, our worlds are changed forever when we make ourselves vulnerable to love. But what is life without love?

Waterton, CA
It's not. Grandpa got it right. He married grandma and the rest is history. They traveled everywhere, had 5 children, found time to serve our church and others selflessly, took grandkids on countless park play dates to feed ducks, and devoted his life to making everyone around him happy.

60 Year Wedding Anniversary!!
According to my faith our lives don't end after death, which is why love can be so rewarding. We all are children of God. We all can be kings and queens of our eternity. Grandma is a gem; grandpa's queen to their eternity together. And I'm sure he will be waiting ever-so-eagerly for her to return to him.

Of course I will miss him. We all will. He taught us all so much about hard work and endurance and honesty. The things you have to work for the hardest are the things that mean the most.

I understand these words are of my own beliefs and faith and some may disagree, but if anything, I hope it brings peace in your heart. And with nothing but love and gratitude and respect for my grandpa I leave these words with you.

Families are Forever.


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